Fairy Grandmothers

“When others are happy, be happy with them.  If they are sad, share their sorrow.” 

Romans 12:15

Q) What is Fairy Grandmothers?

A) Fairy Grandmothers are volunteers who joyously work behind the scenes to welcome the youngest additions to our church by blessing them with adorable handmade and prayed over blanket sets.  We bless those in our church who are sick, injured, and new Foster children with a beautiful handmade pillowcase.  Please note this ministry is a blessing and gift that accommodates those who attend and call East Hills or The Grove their church home.

Q) How can I help the ministry?

A)  There are several ways to help. You may pray for the ministry and for the people it will bless! You may help support the cost of the ministry by making a small monetary donation to the Women’s Ministry Team/Fairy Grandmothers. Donations will be used to purchase beautiful fabric. You may make a fabric donation that meets the specific needs of the ministry, please contact the Women’s Ministry Team before purchasing fabric.  

Q) I am expecting/adopting a baby soon or know of someone in our church who is expecting/adopting. How do I contact you to receive a blanket set?

A) Please complete the Baby Registry questions or contact the Women’s Ministry Team by emailing

            women@thegrovealliance.org or women@easthillsalliance.org

Q) I know of a person in our church that is battling an illness/injury or has recently welcomed a Foster child into their home. How do I contact you to receive a pillowcase?

A) Please complete the Pillowcase Registry or contact the Women’s Ministry Team.  It would also be helpful if you would stay involved by delivering the finished product.

Q) I am an experienced quilter and have my own sewing supplies, how do I become a Fairy Grandmother?

A) Contact the Women’s Ministry Team and the head “Fairy” will contact you with fabric requirements and sewing instructions.

Q) I am interested in becoming a Fairy Grandmother but do not have sewing experience or equipment, can you teach me?

A) At this time, we do not have the resources available to teach sewing skills or loan out sewing machines, however, this is a future vision of ours.  Please pray for us.

Q) I do not sew but I can make knitted, crocheted, or tied fleece blankets. Can I donate these to the Fairy Grandmothers to distribute?

A) At this time, we are not gifting yarn or fleece blankets.  We want to provide the same standard blanket set or pillowcase to each person.  Perhaps as we get more established this will change.  Please pray for us.  We also encourage you to keep making your yarn or fleece blankets and consider connecting with Project Linus projectlinus.org or the Caring Pregnancy Center www.longviewcaringpregnancycenter.com to donate.


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