Pastor Jon Donohue


Thanks for checking out my bio! I've been on board as a pastor at EHA since February of 2013. I serve as both a campus pastor and as the pastor of discipleship. In October 2014, a team and I launched The Grove, meeting at our newly acquired building across from Lake Sacajawea. It’s been an exciting season of seeing this new campus spread its wings and fly!

I grew up in Danville, California, and then spent two years at college in Arizona before transferring to the University of Oregon in Eugene (Go Ducks!). My wife Susan and I met in our church’s college group at UO. We were married in 1998, and after seasons living in both Anchorage, Alaska, and Portland, Oregon, we are settled in well here in Kelso/Longview. Susan and I have three amazing kids: Abby (12) who loves to read and has a great mind for literature and science, Ethan (9) who loves all things having to do with building and engineering, and Isabella (6) who loves school, all things glam, and has never met a stuffed animal she didn't like. Susan is an amazing wife, mom, transformational coach, and shepherd to women. I’m more than blessed to have her on my team! 

If I had a free day to do anything, it would probably have to do with either hiking/backpacking in the backcountry, or kayaking. I love most things having to do with the outdoors. Being in God’s creation has a way of refocusing me on Him, my calling, and the broader picture and/or simpler things in life. Being in nature is my means of retreat. Susan and I also enjoy traveling. Given a free hour or two, I enjoy reading most things having to do with ministry, theology, and history. I also love sports, and on any given Saturday in the fall you will find Susan and me cheering on the Oregon Ducks football team!

My passion in life is knowing Jesus deeply, living like Jesus consistently, and sharing Him passionately. As I know Him more, I’m more and more consumed with the drive and desire to be as Christ in this hurting world. This includes reaching out to the broken, the lost, and the oppressed with the love and transforming care of Jesus. It also means helping others be all they are called to be in God’s kingdom work.