What's new at The Grove

Pray for… The Bosnia Team left on Thursday and the youth left for Gleanings on Saturday. Pray for safe travels, good communication and great relations to be built throughout their missions.

Vacation Bible School VBS is August 12-16. Registration is now open! Register online at easthillsalliance.org, click on the VBS banner. We can only fit a certain number of kids, so be sure to get registered early and if your kids want to invite friends, make sure they get registered as soon as possible! We need lots of crew leaders, if you are interested in being a crew leader for VBS this year, contact Joleen at joleen@thegrovealliance.org.

Save The Date…

Bastravaganza is scheduled for August 25. Being baptized is a wonderful, powerful way to make your faith public. It brings pleasure to God and glorifies Him in our lives. Let us know if you would like to take that step of faith.

Man Camp has been rescheduled for November 1-3 at Trout Creek Bible Camp. Guys, get this on your calendar!

Family Promise This ministry is ready to launch! Many of the churches in our community are participating, and we will be serving as a support church for Emmanuel Lutheran who will be hosting people who have been accepted into the program. These are people who have become situationally homeless and will be attending the day center to help them get back on their feet. Host churches will provide the sleeping arrangements, we as a support church will help with providing food and volunteers. Our weeks have been identified: Sept. 8-15, Oct. 20-27. We will be needing volunteers during those weeks. We need people willing to: provide a hot dinner and help oversee the prep and cleanup of sack lunches at the Day Center, people to relieve the dinner crew and fellowship with the families, and people to spend the night and set up a continental breakfast the next day. The Day Center also needs volunteers to help clean up and prepare for opening on August 25.

Women of Girls Night Let’s continue building the relationships with the girls over the summer by finding a weekend to help out together with our church kiddos. Joleen has openings that we can fill by partnering with each other. Talk to one of the girls and finds a weekend to serve together, it will be fun and keep us connected.