Here’s the reality: Being a teenager means social pressure, academic stress, feelings of awkwardness and expectations from everywhere. And all of it can be incredibly overwhelming. Here’s the truth: We want to be a light in your life to show you that you are loved, God has a plan for you, and you can find your strength in Him. We want to work together (parents, leaders, and the church) to show you the incredible hope that we have in Christ.

The Grove Youth Ministry is a ministry of East Hills Alliance Youth(1405 Burcham St. in Kelso), and we have some exciting new things happening this fall! We'll meet once or twice a week to have fun, or worship, or cook, or eat, or learn, or some combination of those things. Throughout the year, we plan weekend getaways, concert trips, camp-outs, service projects, and a mission trip.  

Check out the Calendar below for a snapshot of what we're hoping to do in 2018-19. Or, we have lots of other ways you can connect:

Contact Pastor Josh: or 423-0521

Find East Hills Alliance Youth on Facebook 

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